A Complete Guide to Your Free Hearing Test

A Complete Guide to Your Free Hearing Test

Embrace the journey to enhanced auditory health with our comprehensive guide on what to expect during your hearing test.


Your voyage towards improved hearing begins with a simple yet significant step: a free hearing test. Determining if you could benefit from hearing aids or other auditory services has never been easier. At our hearing aid centers across Indiana, we offer free hearing tests that cater to your individual needs.

Preparing for Your Hearing Assessment

Understand Your Symptoms

Begin your preparation by making a note of any auditory symptoms you might be experiencing. This information will be vital for our hearing care experts in understanding your unique hearing situation.

Frame Your Questions

Prepare a list of questions that you would like to ask our hearing specialists during your visit. Remember, no question is too small when it comes to your health.

Medical History

Make a note of all significant illnesses and surgeries you have experienced in the past. This information could be instrumental in understanding your current hearing situation.

Bring a Companion

Consider bringing along a close friend or family member to your appointment. Their familiarity with your daily life and communication habits can provide valuable insights during the assessment.

Financial Considerations

Check your health insurance policy for any coverage related to hearing tests and potential treatments.


If you fall ill or are unable to attend the scheduled appointment, please inform us so we can reschedule.

Pro Tip from Our Hearing Experts

Bringing along a close friend or family member to your first appointment is a great idea. Not only can they provide emotional support, but their familiar voice can also help during the assessment. They can better articulate some of the challenges you face, which you might not be aware of.

The Hearing Assessment Process

Our top priority is to help you live a full and satisfying life, and healthy hearing is integral to that. Our hearing care professionals are dedicated to providing personalized care to help you realize your full hearing potential.

During the Hearing Assessment

During the assessment, our expert will examine your ears with an otoscope. This painless process helps in identifying any obstructions or infections that might be affecting your hearing ability.

Following this, a series of beep sounds at different frequencies will be played to check your hearing ability for different types of sounds. This part of the assessment, known as 'audiometry,’ helps us determine whether you have difficulty hearing certain types of sounds.

Finally, a set of words will be read out to you which you will be asked to repeat. This 'Familiar Voice Test’ helps us understand how well you comprehend a familiar voice.

Post Hearing Test

The results from your hearing test will be shared with you and recorded on an audiogram. Based on the results, our specialists will provide recommendations on next steps and potential hearing solutions that might be right for you.

In case the test shows that you have a hearing loss, our experts will likely recommend a form of treatment. If the treatment involves hearing aids, we will provide various options for you to choose from, based on your hearing loss and lifestyle needs.

Steps of the Hearing Test

A hearing test is a painless procedure that provides valuable information about the status of your hearing health. Here's what you can expect:

Complete Hearing Health History

Our hearing care experts will take the time to understand your hearing challenges, needs, and medical history.

Ear Canal Inspection

We will examine your ears and check for earwax and any foreign objects that could be blocking your ear canals. We will also look for damage to your eardrums, infections, and other abnormalities.

Hearing Threshold Test

You will sit in a soundproof room or booth while wearing a pair of headphones. We will ask you to listen to and respond to various tones, speech sounds, and voices. Your responses will be recorded on an audiogram, and the results will help indicate if you have an aidable hearing loss.

Understanding Your Hearing Test Results

Our hearing care professional will then walk you through the results of each section of the hearing test, explaining what it means and how it can be addressed.


If your hearing test indicates no hearing loss, we will advise you on healthy hearing practices and how to protect your hearing over time. If, on the other hand, the test indicates a hearing loss that could be helped by hearing aids, we’ll discuss appropriate options with you.

Remember, your journey towards improved hearing starts with a free hearing test. So, don't wait, schedule your free hearing test in Indiana today and step towards a healthier, happier life.

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